Excellence, passion for quality and the desire to excel are the driving force behind the more than 400 people who make up our great family.

People and their talent are Jisap’s main asset, which is why, even though we are a livestock farming company, we often say that our main activity is focused on people.

The Talent Department is the central axis of Jisap’s personnel management and is strategic in our value proposal. The Talent Department works to attract and retain talent, and this focus is underpinned on numerous social and employment policies in place and works to disseminate Jisap’s values and culture to every corner of the company.

405 employees

87% permanent employees

More than 15 work experience placements per year

Learn about our social and employment policies
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II Jisap Equality Plan

We are committed to gender equality and diversity.

Harassment prevention protocol

We have a procedure intended at preventing, identifying and addressing gender-based harassment in place.

Flexible working hours

We are committed to striking a work-life balance through the implementation of flexible working hours.

Continuous training

Having training plans so that all members of our team can take on new challenges.

Internal promotion

We foster internal talent through career development which enable the internal promotion of personnel.

Health and sports

We promote sports through the company’s running, cycling and paddle tennis teams. In addition, similarly providing gym and physiotherapy facilities.

Jisap Awards

A recognition from the team to the team

The Jisap Awards are the awards which the company confers to its team and through which we recognise those colleagues who embody the values and culture of the company on a daily basis and whose efforts are worthy of mention.

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Build your career at Jisap

Creating quality employment is one of our raisons d’être, which is why we nurture and promote talent.

The Spanish livestock industry is the most advanced in the world, and it is so thanks to the human talent concentrated in the sector. Our activity offers numerous and very diverse opportunities for employment and professional career development. If you would like to work in a prosperous and modern key sector for the economy and society, please send us your CV or consult the available job offers.