Animal welfare

Optimal feeding

How do we guarantee animal welfare at Jisap?
Optimal feeding
Adequate diet and feeding are the basis of animal health. Through feeding we not only prevent any feeling of hunger but also protect their health.
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Biosecurity and veterinary care
Our veterinary team is a guarantee of biosecurity in the farms and animal welfare thanks to strict protocols, controls and continuous monitoring of the animals’ health.
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Freedom to express their instincts and zero stress
The environment in which the animals live allowing them to express their natural instincts, which is very beneficial for their mental health. Furthermore, our employees are given training so that the handling of the animals is stress-free.
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Sufficient space
We offer the animals sufficient space for moving around, as well as soils and protective elements appropriate to their species to prevent risks.
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Control of the use of antibiotics
At Jisap the preventive use of antibiotics is not undertaken, these are only prescribed when it is strictly necessary to restore the health of an animal. Furthermore, we are recognised by the “Reduce colistin” programme of the Ministry of Agriculture as regards our fight against antimicrobial resistance.
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