Livestock farmers since 1964
Livestock is our main activity since the inception of our company, in particular the breeding of white coat pigs, although we also have Iberian pigs and beef.

White coat pigs

Offering the market a healthy, nutritious and sustainable meat product at a price accessible to all is the raison d’être of our white coat pig division. With this objective in mind, working on a daily basis to improve from insemination to delivery to the customer.


Iberian pork

The superior quality of Iberian pork is increasingly in demand among consumers worldwide. Jisap’s Iberian pig herd is distinguished by the genetic selection programme which confers the final product exceptional quality and nutritional properties.



Beef at Jisap is a traditional activity, as old as the company itself. We have a limited and concentrated production in the Region of Murcia, enjoying great recognition among our customers for its meat qualities.

Modern livestock farming

In over 50 years of livestock activity, we have advanced with the sector and with society. As a company, the ability to adapt is paramount, which is why it was decided to make it our way of understanding the business and taking the lead to position ourselves at the forefront of modern livestock farming.

Applying the principles of continuous improvement has led us to develop a modern livestock farming model based on respect for people, animals and the environment

Animal welfare certificate


Development of sustainable feed


Non-use of preventive antibiotics


Vaccine research


Implementation of circular economy in slurry

Jisap’s livestock activity covers each and every stage of the production process, from insemination to the end of the fattening stage, including the manufacture of feed and zoosanitary (animal health) products. This is how we control quality from end to end, a differential value which has earned us the confidence of the major processing companies in the market.


Carrying out an exhaustive selection process of the genetic lines of our livestock. Controlling this stage is key to offer a quality final product.
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Litters and mothers
Having our own selection process where the best mothers are obtained, and the piglets are nurtured until weaning.
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Weaning and weaner pigs stage
Our weaner stage facilities are focused on safeguarding the health of the piglets after weaning, reason why these centres have the highest biosecurity, quality and animal welfare measures.
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The fattening farms house the animals during the entire fattening stage. The farms are equipped with the most advanced, biosecurity and animal welfare focused technology.