Securing today’s needs without compromising tomorrow’s resources
Our commitment to the environment is based on sustainable development, circular economy and the structuring of rural areas.
Our environmental performance
Commitment to renewable energies
We are moving towards greater energy sustainability both on the farms and in the rest of our work centres, opting for clean sources and using technology to increase energy savings.
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Investment in new technologies
Investment in technology and equipment enables us to reduce the consumption of resources (electricity, water and gas) and emissions, as well as to have real-time information for the making of more efficient decisions.
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Research applied to impact reduction
Our R&D&I Department develops research projects in collaboration with universities, scientific institutions and other companies, focused on reducing the impact of livestock farming activities.
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Circular economy
Applying the principles of circular economy to reduce the waste generated and reintroduce it into the production system, such as slurry, to which innovative recycling techniques are applied.
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Rural development
With farms and feed mills we are maintaining the population in rural areas, generating opportunities and contributing to the demographic balance that is crucial for our sustainability as a country.
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