Innovation is a basic cornerstone of our company. Contributing to the advancement of the sector and society is part of our objective.
Research, as a cornerstone of the philosophy of continuous improvement, has been present in our company since its beginnings, and is part of our corporate culture.

Since 2009 we have an R&D+i Department which develops our own internal projects, as well as collaborative projects, in particular European projects co-financed by the CDTI.

Main lines of research
Improving our environmental performance, and that of the sector as a whole, is the main objective of the R&D+i Department through resource optimisation, slurry recycling and feed innovation projects.
Food safety is crucial to our commitment to quality, reason why the better part of our profits are reinvested in becoming better each day in this area, which is so important for customers and consumers.
Animal health
Research into new vaccines is essential to fight diseases which can affect humans and animals. Vaccines furthermore help us to reduce the use of antibiotics.
Animal welfare
New management techniques, changes in animal habitat or behavioural studies are essential aspects to increase ethological knowledge and continue making further progress in animal welfare.
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Meat properties
In order to offer a nutritious, delicious and affordable meat product today, tomorrow and forever, we cannot afford to stop researching new diets and elements which enable us to meet consumer demands.
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Our research projects
Purification of slurry to obtain organic fertilisers for crop fertigation
Fertipur minimises the impact of agricultural and livestock activities as it takes advantage of a resource generated in pig farming, such as slurry, and prevents the excessive use of mineral fertilisers. Fertipur contributes to the reduction of the environmental footprint of both fertiliser production and pig farming.
Nutritional strategies during swine gestation
The objective of the project is to develop a feeding system for the breeding sow to reduce intra-litter variability of piglets at birth and reduce mortality.