At Jisap, we produce the best quality meat from animals raised in our facilities and applying the most demanding animal hygiene, control and welfare measures. Our objective is to satisfy the needs of our clients, while protecting the environment and generating employment, which enables the personal and professional growth of our team.

Business areas

About us

Jisap was born in the sixties in the same way as many other companies, from the work of a Lorca farmer who, as a freelance, begins to raise pigs.

Over the years, and the result of the desire to improve and reinvest the profits, Jisap has become a livestock company that employs 368 employees in its different farms and feed factories located in Murcia, Andalusia, Valencian Community and Castilla La Mancha.

Jisap’s activity focuses mainly on raising white-coated pigs, although it also has Iberian pigs and beef cattle. Another business area is the production of feed, to supply own and integrated farms.

Agriculture is also an area in which the company has managed to find ideal synergies for animal welfare and environmental protection, cultivating olive trees, citrus and cereals. Finally, the company has a zoosanitary area intended to supply its own farms. In this way we control the entire productive pyramid of our cattle in which food and health are vital.

In this way we guarantee the quality of our product, something that has earned us the trust of the largest processing and distribution companies in the country.



White-coated and Iberian pig


Beef cattle


Tons of feed


Tons of meat

The commitment that moves us

At Jisap we have a commitment to quality and to the customer. For this we have a quality policy focused on animal welfare, biosecurity, the prevention of occupational risks, environmental sustainability and continuous research and innovation.

Our deep respect and ethics towards people and the environment mark our day to day.

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