Committed to customer satisfaction and compliance with current regulations

“Quality as Principle"

Jisap is a quality and commitment referent in the Spanish cattle sector.

Política de Calidad y Medioambiente

Our quality and environmental policy has as a priority goal, our clients ‘demands and their satisfaction, as well as to avoid contamination. It turns out in a continuous improvement of our products and processes, through an optimum management of our human, nature and technical resources.

Quality and environmental policy is based in three fundamental principles:

  1. Improve the efficiency of our integral management system.
  2. Achieve high level of satisfaction of our clients.
  3. Legislation and other requirements related to environmental aspects and prevention.

In order to achieve it, we are committed with:

  • Reach specified requirements and especially with legislation and actual law related to environmental aspects.
  • Report about problems we detect, suggesting and applying improvements, in order to prevent contamination.
  • Apply evaluation mechanisms to lead corrections and continuous innovations. It is necessary to stablish and check goals.
  • All of them can be contributors with our commitments in quality, environmental and prevention of contamination
  • Have a health administrative and financial system.
  • Apply human and technic resources to improve technic, safety and environmental conditions in job positions.
  • Keep our policy available to all the contributors, so they can participate with our commitments in quality, environment and prevention of contamination.