Quality and Environment

Committed to the quality of our products and our environment, through sustainable development.

Quality as a principle and environmental
friendliness as a commitment

JISAP guarantees the quality of its products from the feed manufacturing process to livestock production, through stringent controls and implementing sustainable development measures in our facilities and processes.

Quality as a principle

Quality is a strategic factor and a commitment for us, providing the necessary technical and human resources to meet our clients’ expectations and the continuous improvement of the organisation.

In order to obtain this, the Product Certification Regulations (Pig production and feed manufacturing industry external traceability certifications, INTERPORC, IAWS Animal Welfare and Biosafety Regulations) are complied with, as well as renowned prestige standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and GLOBAL G.A.P.

Maintaining quality standards in our production processes is a complicated undertaking and for that purpose JISAP has available:

  • A workforce committed to the organisation and actively participating in continuous improvement, fostering the professionalization of the sector (veterinarians, farmers, specialised technicians for each area…..)
  • Quality control laboratory which helps control each stage in the production process.
  • The technological measures necessary to facilitate the processes management.
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Protecting the environment is our commitment

JISAP is committed to an integrated management system, where one of the primary objectives to be met is the environmental protection through sustainable development, fostering the circular economy and providing structure to the rural sector.
Environmental protection is a task to be undertaken by each member of our team, being aware that during the course of our activities, these may have an adverse and/or positive impact on the environment and therefore a series of best environmental practices have been specified.

For that purpose, we strive to :

  • Collaborate with our members in implementing sustainable savings measures and their consumption control (fostering digitalisation).
  • Invest in state-of-the-art equipment and/or technology which reduces our carbon footprint.
  • Control resource consumption (water, electricity and gas) both in our facilities as well as in our integrated members’ facilities.
  • Reduce waste and its impact, fostering separation and recycling.
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Environmental Performance

JISAP as a livestock producer, is aware of its responsibility as regards the environment in the undertaking of its activity, being a key aspect, within the company’s business strategy, the contribution to the conservation of natural resources and sustainable development.

As evidence of our commitment, JISAP actively participates with organisations of renowned prestige (Research Centres, Universities, Technology Centres …) in projects to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment.

JISAP wishes to disseminate to all our stakeholders our contribution to sustainable development, as well as ratify our commitment to the continuous improvement of our implemented environmental management system.


Specified below are the results of those aspects which have ensued in the highest volume (which does not necessarily must be the most significant) after analysing the data obtained from monitoring the environmental indicators.

  • Fuel, gas or biomass consumption.
  • Electricity consumption.
  • Water consumption.


The most produced waste in our facilities are:

  • Waste from manure and slurry.
  • Livestock carcass waste.
  • Biosanitary waste.


  • Maintenance of corporate excellence certifications obtained.
  • Bringing into line of livestock facilities for compliance of BATs (nutrition management and GHG reduction).
  • Installation of solar panels in our facilities as our contribution to the consumption of renewable resources.