Our main goal is long-term growth, putting quality and innovation for our customers.

Our Mission

Produce meat of the highest quality in order to satisfy our clients´ needs and protect the environment at the same time. We provide profitability to the property and professional growth to our team.


Becoming a benchmark of the sector, with an aim of sustainable growth, as well as to produce value added to our clients and contributors.

Ours Values

  • Commitment with quality and clients. We provide guarantee to the products.
  • Research, development and innovation have become fundamental phases of our growth and improvement.
  • We own a deep respect and ethic to the environment and people we work with.
  • We promote our contributors ‘participation, sharing ideas and challenges.
  • We are aware of the lack of sources and we are deeply committed with maximum energetic and productive efficient.

In JISAP we are not only supporting the UN Global Compact´s Ten Principles, but also participating actively as contributors. The company is part of one of the biggest initiative about corporate responsibility in the world.

All the feed for livestock in JISAP is produced by companies in the group. Piensos Jimenez is one of them, which provide the best quality feed for animal welfare and sustainable rearing process.

Food is a key factor for the development of animals as well as its meat. All the feeds production is under specific, complex and strict controls, using the highest quality one always.

Feed provided to our animals is based on a cereals diet, being legumes the most part of it.

Datos de contacto de Piensos Jimenez

The main activity of the company, which is located in Lorca, is the distribution of animal health products to improve health and security in our cattle centers. The goal of this company is keep a complete traceability of meds and zoosanitaries products provided to the cattle.

Datos de contacto de Mejilor

The logistic in the group is carried out by Transjilor. This ensures a high level of safety in the transport of animals, which is our aim, and in goods transport.

Transjilor is the main mean of transport between JISAP´s production network´s farms and our feeds factories.

Datos de contacto de Transjilor