Quality food, essential in the development and welfare of animals


Food is a key factor for the development of animals as well as its meat. All the feeds provided to our animals is under specific, complex and strict controls, using the highest quality one always.

Feed provided to our animals is based on a cereals diet, being legumes the most part of it.

Our food program allows a balanced development of the animals during their lives, getting the best meet quality.


In Jisap, we are aware of the responsibility about food. The actual world demands a stable production, economic and environmental, by using feeds and diets that are more efficient. We work with the aim of ensuring the maximum parameters of health and quality.


We own four production centers located in Jaen, Toledo and Lorca. Factories have a high technologic level, which guarantee the quality of our production during the whole process.

All the production process is under a complex traceability program, which support the quality of food.


We count on certified processes with ISO 9001:2008 systems, which guarantee a healthy and efficient diet to our cattle. Besides, production is running by a qualified team.