Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR is committed to society and the environment.


Social Corporative Responsibility is in the ADN of the company. We can translate it in the strong commitment we have with our “Interest Groups” in order to reach our goals in a sustainable way.

  • Shareholders: strong commitment of information and transparency.
  • Financial companies: guarantying liquid and solvency.
  • Public Administrations: following regulation and taxes payment.
  • Clients: through our products quality and services.
  • Employees: ensuring fear work conditions, professional growth, freedom, security, etc.
  • Suppliers: working with fear and collaboration conditions.
  • Environment: reducing consume of resources, residues emitions and using clean energies and researching for the continuous improvement.
  • Local: creating quality employment and local development.
  • Competitors: implementing


The company Administration council is composed 50% – 50%.

We have a strong commitment with the establishment and development of orders related to avoid discrimination between men and women. We stablished the equal of opportunities between men and women as a strategic direction of our Corporative and Human Resources Policy.

This commitment is based in the elaboration, realization and …. In 2012,

Our main goal is to optimize the human resources management in the company, ensuring the equal of opportunities between men and women by eliminating discrimination.


One of our principles is the security and health of our employees, contributors and suppliers. In order to achieve it, we count on an exhaustive prevention program. It is totally integrated in the management of the company, and this allows us to identify, watch and avoid any risk.

We are a referent for more than 150 companies and professionals that work for us.

Safety and health protocols:

  • Collaboration to improve health. The company offers to their employees the possibility of going on a free session of physiotherapy to .. and prevent injuries.
  • Health card. We offer free and reduced prices sanitary services as a complementary service of the public health management.
  • Clinic history. Medical professionals and employees can control their variables through time, which allow anticipating to any problem.
  • Flow protocol. From the “A flow” in 2009, there is a protocol just in case of ….. inside of the company and prevent rules.
  • Psychosocial risk researches. Besides physical factors, we also identify psychosocial problems in employees. To avoid that, we count on flexibility policies and action protocol in case of …….
  • Emergencies plans and self protections


The cattle sector is very demanding related to dedication. Animals need to be cared 365 days per year. This is the reason our flexibility policy have made easier.


We are aware people training are the base for growth. Every year we help our team to reach a professional and personal growth. JISAP´s growth is parallel to our team development.

Involved with young people training

We are aware companies need to help to reduce young unemployment rate. Besides create quality employment, JISAP collaborates in their training to meet market actual demands, and provides them with skills and knowledges to face it.

In order to achieve this challenge, the business group keeps cooperation agreements with different Universities and Professional Training Centre, to train their students


The Integrated Policy defined by JISAP, set as one of its priorities goals the continuous improvements of its products, activities and processes, through an optimum management of human, nature and technic resources.


Principle 1.

Respect and support internationally recognized human rights in your area of influence.

Principle 2.

Ensure that your company does not participate in any way in the violation of human rights.

Principle 3.

Support freedom of association and recognize to open collective bargaining.

Principle 4.

Eliminate all forms of forced or compulsory labour.

Principle 5.

Eradicate all forms of child labour in your productive chain.

Principle 6.

Stimulate all practices that eliminate any form of discrimination at the workplace.

Principle 7.

Assume a responsible, preventive and proactive posture towards environmental challenges.

Principle 8.

Develop initiatives and practices to promote and divulge socioenvironmental responsibility.

Principle 9.

Promote the development and dissemination of environmentally responsible technologies.

Principle 10.

Fight corruption in all of its forms, including extortion and bribery.