Animal Health

Livestock health and traceability
farms are our main objective

One of our goals is to guarantee a health and safe production, so we count on a business unit dedicated to acquire and distribute veterinary medicines to our cattle farms. This way, we guarantee a fully traceability and a safe process.


The center is located in Lorca, and the marketing of these products is under administrative authorization for establishments related to veterinary medicinal products and medicinal feeds of the Region de Murcia, with the register number ESP 3000011.


Our control system is based on ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX 20009. It allows controlling the process since the order´s reception until the reception of goods or medicines in the farms. Every medicinal products we distribute, has the proper veterinary recipe.


The center is technological prepared to keep a complete traceability of veterinary medicines and medicinal feeds. We keep traceability until animals ‘arrive to the transformation centers; through this way it will never show up any medicinal residues in the final product.